Hit a Brick Wall?
Our Genealogists Can Help

Personalized Help from Genealogists

The Genealogy Center is fully staffed with trained genealogists who are eager to help you get started or dig deeper into your family story. You can sit shoulder to shoulder with an expert who can evaluate your research, and help create a personalized research plan to fit your needs.

Hit a Brick Wall?

Upon entering the Genealogy Center, you’ll find two staff members at the front desk to help you navigate the center, start your research, or dig deeper into your family history.

The Genealogy Librarians each have unique specialties and focus areas to help with any question you might have. With their help, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to navigate the Genealogy Center’s vast collection. You won’t just be gathering facts—you’ll be gaining knowledge and enjoying genealogy like never before. And did we mention it’s all completely free?

Make your one-on-one appointment with a genealogist and start planning your research trip!