Why Bring your Genealogical Society to Fort Wayne?

We love to host groups!

Looking for an engaging experience for your group? A Genealogy Center tour is the highlight for many groups.

Everyone has a story, and the Genealogy Center can help anyone begin to find their story.

Offering dedicated staff, virtual offerings, access to top genealogical databases, and more than 1.1 million items the Genealogy Center is an engaging opportunity for your group to discover their family stories.

Specialized Programing

The Genealogy Center truly offers a flexible and customized tour for any group size featuring -

  • Prepared materials specific to individuals in your group.
    Please note, information needs provided at least 7 days prior to arrival.
  • Specific presentations of any length - from 20 to 90 minutes, on nearly any family history topic, including -
    • Successfully searching Ancestry.com
    • How to explore other unique online resources
    • How to search for a particular ethnic group and/or county (e.g. German, Irish, African American, English, and the like)
    • How to successfully interview living relatives, etc.
    • And many other family history-related interests or topics.
  • Orientation tours
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Time for your group to explore on your own

Lincoln Research

During your stop at the Genealogy Center, be sure to also ask about the Rolland Center for Lincoln Research, where you and your group can interact with artifacts from the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection in a new way. The center highlights thousands of items and features digital interactive exhibits to engage with the artifacts like original photographs, letters and documents, diaries of Civil War soldiers, and much more. The center also features a 180-degree theatre - a personal way to interact and discover history.

Group Capacity

The Genealogy Center specializes in being flexible. Twenty to thirty individuals is a good range. They’re not at all opposed to smaller groups and have successfully handled an entire bus (66 individuals) at a time by breaking the group into differently spaced and themed experiences with the Genealogy Center and Main Library.

Ideal Length of Genealogy Center Experience

The length of time a group spends at the Genealogy Center is really determined by what you’d like to accomplish. Two to three hours can go by very quickly, particularly if you’re interested in an orientation tour, one-on-one consultations or a few-on-one with participants, and time to explore the vast resources on your own. Tour operators in the past have paired the Genealogy Center nicely with other 2 to 3-hour or half-day experiences.

Ready to Book a Trip?

Those interested in booking a group experience at the Genealogy Center can fill out this form.

For specialized itineraries or any recommendations for planning a group experience in Fort Wayne, please contact the Visit Fort Wayne Sales Department at bethany@visitfortwayne.com.

Tips: What to Bring With You!

  1. Prior to your arrival, we suggest you collect the surname of interest and geographic area of interest from attendees. If you send this information 7 days prior to your arrival, the Genealogy Center can prepare specialized materials for your attendees.
  2. Pick up a Visitor Packet when you arrive.
  3. Bring a notebook to take notes and a USB drive to save images from computers, microtext, and books for FREE.
  4. Bring dollar bills for the copy machines.
  5. You may bring just about anything with you: files and notebooks, computers and tablets, scanner, camera, pens, pencils, etc. However, they do not allow food or drink in the Center. These may be stored in your bag, but not consumed in this area of the library.
  6. You might want to bring a sweater or a light jacket. No matter the season, the rooms occasionally get a little cool.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes. The Genealogy Center covers about the same space as a football field.

Contact Us to Get Started

Email Visit Fort Wayne or the Genealogy Center to get started. By phone, call Visit Fort Wayne at (260) 424-3700 or the Genealogy Center at (260) 421-1225.