DNA Results and The Genealogy Center Expertise

Pair your DNA results with the expert genealogists at the Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana to build a fuller story of your family history.

Your DNA results share some ethnicity information, possible matches with other family members and can spark fun conversations with friends and family. When you pair your DNA results with traditional genealogy research or a one-on-one appointment with a DNA expert at the Genealogy Center you can -

1. Dig deeper into your ethnicity results.

2. Determine connections with genetic relatives.

3. Or piece together a family mystery.

Learn how you can use your DNA results to supplement your research or learn how to start your family history with your DNA results with assistance from the Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne.

Discover More with Your DNA Results

You have your DNA results, but now what? The Genealogy Center can help decipher your exciting results and help you dig deeper.

Getting your DNA results is exciting. If you’re not sure where to start understanding your results, the Genealogy Center can help you -

Interpret your DNA results.
Learn how to connect your results with your family history, if you want to go further in discovering your story.

Piece together your family tree.
Maybe your DNA results spark a question about your family history, the Genealogy Center can help you connect your DNA results with your family tree.

Dig deeper into the specifics of your results.
Learn how to pair your DNA results with traditional genealogy resources, like divorce records, marriage records, and newspapers, with a one-on-one consultation.

Supplement Your Family History Research

If you’re a seasoned genealogist, use your DNA results on your next research trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Grow your family network.
With your potential family matches, dig deeper into your family tree by connecting with distant cousins who share DNA and can help you piece together more information.

Is there a family mystery that appears in your DNA results?
If you’re an adoptee or maybe you have a mystery appear in your DNA results, a one-on-one consultation with DNA experts at the Genealogy Center can help you work through your mystery and detail research next steps that can help you find success.

Learn from specialized DNA books.
The Genealogy Center is home to more than 1 million physical items. Included in that collection are specialized DNA books that can help further your research and find success.

If you don’t know where to start with your DNA results, you can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a genealogist at the Genealogy for a consultation.

Helpful Tips from The Genealogy Center

Learn from those who know, trained genealogists at The Genealogy Center, and discover helpful tips when using your DNA results to assist with your family history research and common pitfalls to watch out for.

  • Treat your ethnicity estimate as a fun conversation starter at parties, but remember that these results are usually correct at the continent level, and not always at the country level.
  • Communicate with your DNA matches and share family information. Your matches may have family photos, documents or even a family Bible that helps you break down an ancestral brick wall.
  • Adopted persons may need the help of an expert to accurately understand the possible relationships to the relatives that have been found through DNA testing.
  • If you have a mystery in your family tree or just want to connect with some distant cousins, DNA testing can often help.

Want more information?

Learn directly from genealogists at The Genealogy Center with their virtual programming. Every month the Genealogy Center will host a virtual webinar focused on DNA results. You can watch previously recorded sessions like this Genealogy: DNA 101 on The Genealogy Center’s YouTube playlist.

Make your one-on-one appointment with a genealogist and start planning your research trip!