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Shelby S., Author

I've had the privilege to call Fort Wayne home for my entire life. After calling Taylor University home for four years, I returned here with a BA in English Literature and a Public Relations minor. I like to think that I will eventually accomplish my ever-growing reading list and read every book in my possession. It is a lofty goal, but one must remain optimistic.

Sensory-Friendly Things to do in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana takes great steps in including individuals with special abilities in all activities. From the events Turnstone helpshost to Indiana's first boundless playground, there is something for everyone to take part in and enjoy. Many of Fort Wayne's great attractions also host sensory-friendly events or activities, perfect for those who need a manageable degree of sensory stimuli. …

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48 Hours in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Whatever brings you to Fort Wayne, Indiana,there are plenty of activities, attractions, and events to keep you busy. If you are planning a fun weekend in Indiana’s second-largest city, here’s where you can stay, eat, and do enough to pack your schedule…

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St. Patrick's Day Pub Trail in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Although named for the Irish missionary, St. Patrick’s Day has become a massive celebration of all things Irish. And what’s more Irish than the color green, bagpipes and beer? These local Fort Wayne, Indiana pubs take all of those beautiful things and build celebrations of varying sizes, but beer is always involved…

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