Although named for the Irish missionary, St. Patrick’s Day has become a massive celebration of all things Irish. And what’s more Irish than the color green, bagpipes and beer? These local Fort Wayne, Indiana pubs take all of those beautiful things and build celebrations of varying sizes, but beer is always involved.

St. Patrick's Day Pub Trail in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Deer Park Irish Pub Clover Classic - Fort Wayne

Deer Park Irish Pub

1530 Leesburg Road

What began as a way to simply spread the word about a tiny pub across from the University of St. Francis’s campus, Deer Park Irish Pub is now famous for its massive mini parade that runs the block around the pub. Last year, around 4,000 people came to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Deer Park, and they went through 70 barrels of beer, which converts to 17,360 pints of beer. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the parade, which means the party will last all weekend.

Discover Fort Wayne's Breweries

JK O’Donnell’s

121 West Wayne Street

At JK O’Donnell’s, you can always count on great beer and great service, but on St. Patrick’s Day, bagpipes are involved. The pub is ages 21 and up all day, except in Belleek Hall. Outside you’ll find the tent which has a $5 admission and is all ages until 7:00 p.m. Live bands will play in the tent from noon to 11:00 p.m.

Summit City Brewerks

1501 East Berry Street

Lucky Charms eating contest. Need I say anything more? Summit City Brewerks also serves green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. As a microbrew, you won't find these beers anywhere else.

Trubble Brewing Interior - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Other Local Bars & Breweries

If you’re just looking for a place to drink a good beer to celebrate, try one of these local brewers or bars:

Mad Anthony’s

2002 Broadway

Hop River Brewing Company

1515 N Harrison St

Hoppy Gnome

203 E Berry Street

Trubble Brewing

2725 Broadway


301 W. Jefferson Blvd