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Kate N., Author

Kate Neuer is a writer, aspiring producer, and history lover from Fort Wayne, IN. After spending over three years in Los Angeles, she returned to the one city that is close to her heart – the Fort. She has helped with marketing and script coverage for production companies, such as Sonar Entertainment and Grey Matter Productions. Now she wants to spread her passion for entertainment while writing screenplays and participating in all types of filmmaking. Kate has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing and Producing for Television from Loyola Marymount University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Video Production and Creative Writing from Purdue University.

How I Learned Who I am Through Genealogy

Every family has stories handed down from a few generations or more. Some sound outlandish and are hard to believe, which is the main reason most people want to dig into their family history. I decided to personally draw out my family tree to see if some of my grandma and grandpa’s stories were true – such as the mystery surrounding a white plate that was said to be Ulysses S. Grant’s while he was in the White House. The Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana helped me do that…

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