Jasmine B., Author

Jasmine graduated from the University of Saint Francis in May of 2015 with a BA in Communication. With her first publication at the age of ten, Jasmine enjoys writing and believes in the power of storytelling as a means of invoking change and connecting with others. She is a social media advocate, juggler (of tasks) and Tim Burton enthusiast. A transplant from NW Indiana, she appreciates all of the opportunity that Fort Wayne has to offer and is ecstatic to further share this zest with others.

Unique Fort Wayne, Indiana Theatre

I've got a special place in my heart for things that are homegrown. From arts to music to, that's right, theatre—Fort Wayne is full of talent that's on the same playing field as national work. When you come to visit Fort Wayne, something you don't want to miss is the talent that is incredibly unique to the community—and there's so much to experience as far as theatre production goes…

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Vera Bradley Annual Outlet Sale Tickets, Tips and Tricks!

Calling all Vera Bradley fans:Tickets for the annual sale that you do not want to miss go on sale February 20!  More than 40,000 people will flock to the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana from all over the country — and trust us, you want to be one of them. …

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Splashin' Around in Fort Wayne, Indiana

It's finally starting to feel like spring in Fort Wayne, Indiana and so naturally, we can't stop thinking about summer! We experience the entire range of the seasons here, and we embrace them full-heartedly... including the opportunity to cool down, which there are plenty of here…

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Fort Wayne Museum of Art presents: Curator's Tours

If you're looking to take in an exhibit, there's no shortage of them in Fort Wayne. You can make an entire day trip (or longer) out of gallery visits alone! If you're interested in arts, you definitely don't want to leave Fort Wayne without a visit to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. And you're sure…

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Allen County Harbors Artisan Talent

The impressive arts scene in Fort Wayne only hints to the grandiose amount of skill that Allen County harbors. Just ask the 11 Allen County Indiana Artisans. The Indiana Artisan program was launched in 2008 by Lt. Governor Becky Skillman to promote these skilled entrepreneurs of high-quality arts…

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