Are you planning a romantic getaway to Fort Wayne? If so, you’ll likely be on the hunt for some romantic dining options.

Fort Wayne is home to a rich culinary scene, with plenty of trendy downtown spots popping up. If you’re looking for a cozy, intimate, and, perhaps dimly lit, place to cuddle up to your significant other and enjoy some quiet conversation, these places top my list.

Wine Down

Wine Down is located downtown in the Harrison and features a delicious tapas menu, creative craft cocktails, and wine vending machines. These temperature-controlled machines dispense 1-, 2.5-, and 5-ounce pours and are operated with a Wine Down debit card that tracks guest selections.

The decor is upscale and cozy, offering several booths, tables, and seating areas for intimate gatherings. It also has a private room for larger parties, an expansive patio that overlooks Parkview Field, and a new outdoor bar called the Side Car that was built last summer. I especially enjoy the upper level seating areas that feature couches and low tables—it’s the perfect spot for cuddling while munching on high quality food and drinks.

301 W. Jefferson Blvd., #100

(260) 755-1019

Bourbon Street Hideaway

Tucked in the basement below Columbia Street, Bourbon Street Hideaway offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic date. The space is dimly lit and has space for only a handful of tables. The menu features Cajun cuisine and the bar is stocked with top-shelf liquor and high-quality wines. You can enjoy the Alligator Sausage and Shrimp Quiche—the house specialty—by candlelight, while gazing adoringly into your significant other’s eyes. Reservations are recommended.

135 W. Columbia St.

(260) 422-7500

Club Soda Exterior - EditClub Soda

Club Soda has long been a favorite date-night spot for residents and visitors alike. With its jazz club type feel and upscale menu, it is a great spot to kick back and relax with your special someone. A few years ago, it added a large two-story outdoor patio, which is a great spot to grab dinner and a drink during the summer months. Inside, the historic bar often features live music and serves up some of the best craft cocktails in town.

235 E. Superior St.

(260) 426-3442

Black Canyon

Black Canyon, located on the north side of town, is a great date-night restaurant. The patio out front boasts ample seating and a beautiful stone fireplace. Inside, the décor is upscale and modern, with a nice open floor plan with tables and large booths.

The bar is my favorite area. It is located just to the left as you walk in and features seating in the round with a full view of the kitchen. I love watching the hustle and bustle that occurs in a busy restaurant kitchen. The décor isn’t the only thing that will wow you. The food and drinks are on point too. The cocktail menu features a nice selection of wine, bourbon, and signature drinks, and while the food menu is on the smallish side, it offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, and entrees.

1509 W. Dupont Rd.

(260) 203-5900

Sandwich and Fries from Tolon


Tolon is one of our newest additions to downtown and offers an upscale farm-to-fork dining experience. The ambiance is romantic and intimate and the menu is out of this world. It changes often because food is sourced locally and dependent on season.

The bar features some unique craft cocktails and is a great space to enjoy some drinks and small dishes. The owners are very accommodating and will prepare something special if you call ahead. Reservations are recommended.

614 Harrison St.

(260) 399-5128