Pass Rewards

Check Out what you earn when you Check In

The Outdoor Pass and the Public Art Trail each have fun, useful rewards when you check in. Simply complete the required number of checkins on each pass, and redeem when you have enough checkins. You can pick up your gift at the Visitors Center, or request shipping. 

Fort Wayne Outdoor Pass

Enjoy the great outdoors with Hikes, Bikes, & Paddles, the Fort Wayne Outdoor Pass. This offers specially curated trails to explore the city's natural wonders. Check in at each stop and earn rewards! Get Pass

1 Check In

Hikes Bikes Paddles StickerHikes Bikes & Paddles Sticker

5 Check Ins

Hikes Bikes Paddles string bagHikes Bikes & Paddles string bag

10 Check Ins

Hikes Bikes Paddles Outdoor Pass Water Bottle
Hikes Bikes & Paddles Water Bottle

Public Art Trail Pass

Explore the Creative Canvas of Fort Wayne! With more than 150 works of art, including murals, sculptures, and installations, you can experience a lifetime of art in an afternoon! You'll earn rewards after checking in at these beautiful locations. Get Pass 

1 Check In

Fort Wayne Public Art Trail StickerFort Wayne Public Art Trail Sticker

10 Check Ins

Fort Wayne Public Art Trail KeychainFort Wayne Public Art Trail Keychain

25 Check Ins

Fort Wayne Public Art Trail Poster
Pontiac Street mural poster print by Lyndy Bazile