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Tatom O., Author

Tatom is a Junior at Indiana University Bloomington who is majoring in Media Advertising with a concentration in Graphic Communication and a minor in Communication and Public Advocacy. She loves anything to do with the creative arts whether it be photography, videography, graphic design, or writing. When she isn’t behind a camera, Tatom loves dogs, hiking, and going to any concert she can.


Where to See Fireworks in the Greater Fort Wayne Area

Be sure to experience the spectacular fireworks shows happening in Fort Wayne, Indiana and surrounding areas. Whether it's to get in the festive spirit or just find a new tradition for the family, any one of these dazzling fireworks shows will create special memories. Fireworks Displays near Fort…

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Awaken Your Senses in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana is nothing short of amazing. A city that was born out of rich historic roots and founded on three powerful rivers over 200 years ago has built itself up into the modern cultural powerhouse it is today…

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Made in Fort Wayne, Indiana - Music

If you didn’t already know, Fort Wayne, Indiana is bursting at the seams with musical talent. Our great city has no shortage of gifted musicians who are shaping the music world every day and creating legends for themselves through their hard work and dedication to the art…

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