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Fort Wayne earned its nickname “The Summit City” in the 1800’s when the Wabash and Erie Canal ran through this part of the country, and Fort Wayne was situated at the highest point on the run of the canal. At that time, all canals landed along Canal and Columbia Streets downtown.

Today, this area has a new life, and has become a new point of destination at “The Landing."

On the Landing, visitors will be able to enjoy a Brewery/BBQ restaurant concept, a Utopian coffee shop, and other retail and dining areas like Nawa, which is already offering some great Asian fusion foods in a spectacular setting.


Located along Columbia Street, Canal Street is located just behind the north buildings, The Landing features one block of residential and recreation for visitors and residents. Plus, The Landing is located just a block and a half south of Promenade Park.

Parking is available on-street, the Plaza garage, and at Freimann Square. (Map)

Official Site

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Visit TheLandingFW.com to see project renderings, and developer information.


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Historical Photo of the Landing in the early 20th Century

This historical photo shows Columbia Street in the early 20th Century. 

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