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Fort Wayne Museum of Art


American Art Museum offers diverse exhibitions of contemporary and historical art. Activities include tours, lectures, workshops and parties. The Paradigm Gallery has fine art and craft for sale and the Learning Center offers hands-on fun for youngsters. 

Open Tue-Sat 10am-6pm; Thur 10am-8pm; Sun Noon-5pm. Closed Holidays. 

Handicap Accessible
Free admission Thursdays 5-8pm
Free admission for Veteran, Military, and their Families
Reduced admission for people with government-issued EBT card

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Meeting Facilities

Facility Info
Meeting Rooms
  • Space Notes Auditorium (main floor) Seats: 120 in Lecture-style ; 88 for dinner at 60” rounds; Holds 250 standing. Non-public space Atrium (main floor) Seats: 140 in Lecture-style; 96 for dinner at 60” rounds; Holds 250 standing Public space Overlook Hall (2nd floor) Seats 80 in Lecture-style; 64 for dinner at 60” rounds; Holds 150 standing Non-public space Sculpture Court (outdoors) Seats 100 in Lecture-style; 48 for dinner at 60” rounds; Holds 150 standing Public space Regional Gallery (connects Auditorium and Atrium) Seats 60-80 in lecture-style; 45 for dinner at 60” rounds; Holds 125 standing Public space
  • Number of Breakout Rooms 5
  • Number of Rooms 5
  • Classroom Capacity: 120
  • Banquet Capacity: 88
  • Theater Capacity: 140
  • Banquet Capacity: 96
Overlook Hall
  • Theater Capacity: 80
  • Banquet Capacity: 64
Sculpture Court
  • Theater Capacity: 100
  • Reception Capacity: 48
Regional Gallery
  • Theater Capacity: 70
  • Reception Capacity: 45