Picture this: The temperature is just right, you’re with your loved ones, drink of choice in hand, and you are pedaling your way throughout downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

You can bring this dream to life with Fort Wayne’s Pedal City!

What is Pedal City?

Pedal City is a full bar and restaurant that can take you on an adventure through Fort Wayne’s city sights. Choosing between Pub Bike or Big Red Tractor tours, Pedal City offers versatile options to create a great experience for all. 

Whether you would like to help pedal while you drink with Pedal City’s Pub Bike, or sip and sit in the Big Red Tractor, each tour has a designated driver that will steer you through a predetermined route with a final destination at Pedal City’s Beer Garden. 

Pedal City Pub Bike is parked in a parking lot with a driver smiling at the camera

Creating Your Pedal City Experience:

There are many options and decisions when it comes to individualizing your Pedal City experience. 

First, Pedal City is a stationary bar with inside and outside areas that anyone (even our safe, friendly pets) can visit. But the full Pedal City experience comes with the tours that can be booked that take you downtown and through Fort Wayne’s best sights. 

To find your perfect tour, research and pick what is best for you and your party with the information found at the Pedal City website. The biggest decision is going to be picking between the Pub Bike Tour or the Big Red Tractor Tour. 

The Pub Bike Tour needs a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 14 people per tour. Each rider helps pedal the bike to continue the tour. The bike sits underneath a bar with your seat and pedals surrounding it. You have the chance to pre-order your beverages while booking your tour and each tour has a driver to help steer and perfect your experience. 

The Big Red Tractor Tour can fit up to 20 people and works perfectly for bachelorette, birthday, and work parties. The Big Red Tractor Tour is a large wagon pulled by a… you guessed it… tractor! The riders sit in the wagon and drink their pre-ordered drinks and enjoy the ride.

Pre-ordering your drinks after booking your tour helps ensure your drinks are ready and there are no problems with sipping your beverages on the tour. Through the website, you can order your drinks for your party. Follow the instructions so there is no confusion and they will be ready when the tour starts. 

After your tour and drinks are booked and ready to go, you will sign a waiver for Pedal City to ensure your and the company’s safety. 

Jello Shots and alcoholic beverages sit on the bar inside of Pedal City's Big Red Tractor

Book Your Tour Today:

To recap what you need to do to jumpstart your Pedal City Experience: 

  1. Book Online 

  2. Pre-Order Drinks

  3. Sign a Waiver

Pedal City Tours are available for private booking daily through the Pedal City website. Check to learn the hours for the Pedal City Bar and Beer Garden as well!

This post was originally published in April of 2014 and has been updated. Last updated May 2024.