Citilink is Fort Wayne's public transportation company. Buses run Monday through Friday, and many routes also run Saturdays. If you're looking for a way to get around Fort Wayne without a vehicle, Citilink has many options for you. 

Mobile Apps to Download

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DoubleMap - Citilink Bus TrackingThough cash is accepted, you can also download the Token Transit app for electronic tickets. You can buy a pass for a single day, or for multiple days. Follow the instructions in the app to make a purchase and to use your app for the bus.

For bus tracking, you can download the DoubleMap app on your phone.  When downloading DoubleMap from the App Store or Play Store, put it in as one word (DoubleMap).

For visitors who are disabled, all of our buses are wheelchair and walker accessible. Accessible seating is located in the front of the bus, and the driver can assist with boarding and exiting.

Getting to Central Station

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Citilink Central Station

The destinations below all leave from the Central Station on Baker Street. From the Visitors Center, 927 S Harrison St, walk northbound to the corner of Harrison and Wayne Street. Turn right and walk to Calhoun Street.  When you reach Calhoun, turn right, walk past Jimmy Johns, and stand between Jimmy Johns and a business called Poptique.  There is no marked stop, but passengers can raise a hand to signal a southbound bus for a pickup. The #6 bus will take the rider to the Central Station.  


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The Landing: #6 Franke Park, Bay E, will travel down Calhoun to Main Street.   Once the bus crosses Main Street, get off and walk one block north.

The Grand Wayne Convention Center: The convention center is just 4 blocks of the Central Station. You can take the #6 Franke Park bus north on Calhoun to the stop at I&M Plaza. If you are trying to reach the convention center from another location, please call the Citlink office to get that information 260-432-4546.  

Parkview Field: Pick up the #9 St Francis/Gateway in Bay P. This bus goes directly by Parkview Field.  On the return from Parkview Field, walk three blocks to the Bus Station.  From there, you can get on any bus to your next destination.   

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo: The zoo is along route #6 Franke Park, which runs :15 after each hour and can be boarded in Bay E.  The #6 passes the Zoo at :48 after each hour and will take you back to Central Station to transfer to any other destination.   

Glenbrook Square: Pick up the #8 Glenbrook/Northrop in Bay A. This bus goes directly to the mall.  This bus leaves the mall every 1/2 hour, at around :22 and :52 after each hour.  The return bus will say #8 Calhoun/Tillman and the drop-off and pick-up are at the same location near the Food Court.  

Jefferson Pointe: Take the #2 Time Corners from Bay Q. When leaving Jefferson Pointe, you need to be at that same stop at :41 after the hour at the same location where you got dropped off. This bus will take you 2 blocks from where you got on or directly downtown.   If you need to go further, please feel free to contact the office for more information 260-432-4546.

Purdue Fort Wayne: The #3 Canterbury, in Bay B, goes directly to campus.   The bus will leave the campus at around :45 after the hour at the same place where you got off.  

Memorial Coliseum: #1 Northcrest, in Bay M, will take you directly to the Coliseum.  On return, cross Parnell Avenue, and be at the bus stop at :48 after the hour to get back to Central Station.

Travel Trainer

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If you have more detailed questions, Citilink offers a trainer to explain the system, and may even be able to ride with you for assistance planning the route. Contact Pecola Trice, Travel Trainer and Outreach Coordinator, by phone at 260-265-1753 or  

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