Every four years, the world is captivated by the sport of curling. To many of us casual viewers, it seems like a pretty simple game, like shuffleboard on ice. Players slide the round stone down the ice while teammates use a broom to brush the ice in the stone's path. In reality, curling is quite a complex sport; there are techniques and strategies that must be mastered and perfected to have a shot at making it to the world stage. 

That’s where the Fort Wayne Curling Club comes in. The current club was founded in 2010, though curling has been a part of Fort Wayne, Indiana's history since the 1880s. The club’s goal? Provide a place where everyone can learn and participate in the sport! The club offers leagues for curlers of all ages and abilities.

Celebrate the Spirit and Tradition of Curling in Fort Wayne, Indiana

So, who can try curling? According to the club: just about anybody! From ages 10-80 (and beyond), the Fort Wayne Curling Club and its programs are accessible and welcoming to all skill levels and abilities.

Fort Wayne Curling Club co-founder Craig Fischer demonstrates how to slide and curl the stone
Fort Wayne Curling Club co-founder Craig Fischer demonstrates how to slide and curl the stone during a Learn to Curl session.

Learn to Curl Sessions

If you’re new to the sport, I highly recommend joining one of the Learn to Curl sessions. During the two-hour session, you’ll learn basic rules and strategies, how to slide and even curl the stone, and how and when to sweep. Then, you’ll break into teams for gameplay with other attendees! Learn to Curl sessions are great for individuals or groups, and ZERO previous experience is needed to attend. Just be sure to wear clean gym shoes (to keep salt and dirt off the ice), loose-fitting or athletic clothing, and — since you’ll be on ice in a 40-degree room — dress in layers! The rest of your gear, including grippers, brooms, and protective headgear, are provided by the club. 

From late September to early April, the Fort Wayne Curling Club typically hosts at least two public Learn to Curl sessions per month. But it’s no surprise that interest in the sport skyrockets around the Winter Olympics, so the club offers more frequent sessions during those times.

Girl preparing to slide a stone on the ice at the Fort Wayne Curling Club
During a Learn to Curl, beginners first learn to slide with two stones instead of one, for added balance.

About the Fort Wayne Curling Club

A few things you'll notice quickly at the Curling Club are the atmosphere of camaraderie, a strong code of good sportsmanship, and an all-around celebration of great curling. While the competitive component is enjoyable and highly regarded, the appreciation for the sport itself is just as important. This is what curlers refer to as the "Spirit of Curling." It's about the tradition, skill, and respect players show to one another and to the sport. And that spirit is alive and well at the Fort Wayne Curling Club!

Located at 3837 N. Wells Street, the Fort Wayne Curling Club offers a great environment for both beginners and advanced curlers.

The facility features an Ice Room with 4 curling sheets (or lanes). The Warm Room is a great place to hang out and socialize during breaks if you’re there for a private event, league play, or a bonspiel (curling tournament). The Warm Room is complete with a full bar with 8 beers on tap (open to members and private event groups), TVs where you can watch curling and other sports, and tables and seating for spectators.

Inside the Room at the Fort Wayne Curling Club
In the Warm Room, looking out into the Ice Room

Of course, there’s a giant window to see into the Ice Room where the action happens. But for a complete view, there are actually cameras mounted on the ceilings above the curling lanes that live stream video of on-ice activities to 4 house monitors in the Warm Room!

Plan a Visit

Ready to try your hand at curling? Sign up for an upcoming Learn to Curl session here. Or make it a group outing by booking your next private or corporate event with the club, which includes a private Learn to Curl session for your attendees. And if you take a liking to the sport, there are plenty of leagues to join! Check into leagues at the Fort Wayne Curling Club or find the club that's closest to your home.

Fort Wayne Curling Club
3837 N. Wells Street
(260) 739-5182