Say the word "bacon" and you have my attention. If you can relate to this type of sensation, you're in the right place. Fort Wayne, Indiana is home to many wonderful restaurants that offer various types of delicious food. Bacon is something that I come by fairly often on entrées, and it always adds a unique taste. I've evaluated several dining spots that have earned the notoriety of serving the best bacon foods.

Cindy's Diner - Interior - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Get Your Bacon Fix in Fort Wayne, Indiana

JK O'Donnell

Bacon Mac & Cheese with BBQ Pork - JK O’Donnell’s

A "feel good" type of food. JK O'Donnell's is home to traditional Irish fare and offers guests an authentic taste of Ireland. The Bacon Mac & Cheese with BBQ Pork is a newer addition to the menu, and it already boasts plenty of dazzling reviews. Savor the trottole pasta baked with three cheeses and bacon, topped with BBQ pork and slaw. Whether it's lunch or dinner, you’re in for a treat.

Morning Favorite - Cindy's Diner

For the breakfast purist in all of us, Cindy's Diner offers a traditional breakfast like no other. If you're in the mood for bacon, I recommend the Morning Favorite. Eggs, bacon, and french toast or hotcakes? Count me in! This local favorite in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne is an authentic '50s diner that "serves the whole world, 15 at a time!"

Maple Pepper Bacon Flatbread - Granite City

Granite City Brewery offers a wide selection of delicious flatbreads. The Maple Pepper Bacon Flatbread delivers a light experience with an extra zing from the fresh basil. The dish is topped with candied maple pepper bacon and roasted garlic aioli to add a twist. Want to make a great entree even better? Pair this flatbread with one of Granite City’s signature craft beers on tap.

Sweet Pepper Bacon - Proximo

At Proximo, breakfast is always available, and never a mistake. This breakfast menu includes lemon blueberry pancakes, chilaquiles, carnitas Benedict, and more. But whatever you order, be sure to add a side of their Sweet Pepper Bacon - deliciously caramelized with a bite of peppery and sweet.

Ossian bacon - Bravas

Locals love to eat at Bravas for their classic favorites (patatas Bravas!), as well as their ever-changing menu, but one thing bacon lovers are sure to dig is their Snoop Burger, and Snoop Dog, when available. The Snoop features smoked gouda and garlic aioli alongside the star, Ossian bacon! It's a must-try while you are in the 'Fort', but whatever you do, don't forget the patatas bravas on the side!


From breakfast favorites to must-try desserts—and every meal in between—Fort Wayne, Indiana is the perfect place to get your bacon fix. Feeling a little thirsty after all this bacon talk? The Best Lemonade in Fort Wayne might just be right around the corner!

This post was originally published in September 2020 and has been updated.