Reesha H.
Reesha H., Author

Reesha Howard is a Chicago native who fell in love with Fort Wayne and decided to make it home. She is the wife of Fort Wayne's well loved Ron "Mr. Mad Ant" Howard and the mother of three beautiful little girls . She is passionate about her family, writing and working with children. As the Co-Owner of Game Day Sports Camp and a homeschooling parent she has a hybrid lifestyle of a working/stay-at-home mother. Her hobbies include unique and fun activities & events catered towards families, improving the awareness and support of Small Businesses, and a life of service to others, particularly within the Fort Wayne community.

Fort Wayne's Top 5 Mexican Restaurants

Some of the most delicious food I've ever eaten was in Ciudad Obregon, which is a city in Mexico where my family and I lived for several months.After you've experienced authentic Mexican cuisine, there is simply no turning back. It's been almost a decade since our time there, yet I have not stopped chasing the aromas and flavors that awakened my taste buds there, all those years ago…

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