Over the past year, Visit Fort Wayne has seen a lot of changes - a new name, a new location and the addition of four new faces. Recently, even more changes have occurred as Visit Fort Wayne has undertaken significant technology upgrades.

“We have made a lot of changes,” says Alex Souders, Web Marketing Manager for Visit Fort Wayne. “In July, we released the completely new www.VisitFortWayne.com and in August we upgraded our sales and marketing software to a state-of-the-art "cloud" environment. We are really pushing for efficiency through technology. With our new top-of-the-line software and hardware, we can streamline our processes, and use technology to better market the city as a destination. It’s making what we do more effective and efficient on all levels.“

Even more technologies are still on the way as we finalize the development of our mobile website for visitors, as well as advanced mobile sales tools for our staff. “The way we do business is changing,” adds Alex, “ and we are ready to take advantage of the opportunities smartphones and other new technologies provide.”