What's Going On?
I-69 is expanding as INDOT adds a new interstate south of Indianapolis. Due to the guidelines set by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation, this means that I-69 exits will need to be renumbered. The mile marker 0 will no longer be near Indianapolis. It will now be at the Ohio River.

INDOT will be installing new signs starting in August. Because mile marker 0 will be moved 200 miles south, we need only add 200 to the existing number to determine the new number. (For example, the exit for the Fort Wayne International Airport is currently 99. Once new signs are in place, the new exit number will be 299.)
New signage will be posted in August, and a new, smaller sign beneath
the exit name will refer to the old exit number.

Both new and old signs will be left up for three years, until October 1, 2015. After that, old, damaged signs will not be replaced. All old exit signs will be removed by October 1, 2017.

I-69 will not be closed during this renumbering, it should not affect traffic in any way.

What does that mean for you?

You will need to redo any directions, maps or information that you have that lists your exit number. Think of any places or times that you use this information in print or on the web, and update as needed. You will also want to train your staff to explain this change to your visitors and guests.

Here is a quick reference for the new exit numbers in Allen County

For more information visit http://www.i69indyevn.org/ or call the INDOT Fort Wayne District Office at 866-227-3555.