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Public Art in
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Mural Artist Information

By: Nosego
Pint N Slice Alley
816 S Calhoun Street – South facing

Nosego is a Phiiladelphia-based artist with a passion for combining fine art with contemporary styling. This piece was brought to Fort Wayne in 2014 by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and the owner of Pint and Slice. This piece was Fort Wayne’s first piece of commissioned street art! 

Guitar Experiment”
By: Alex Mendez & Alexandra Hall
Midtowne Alley
119 W Wayne Street – East facing

By: Jerrod Tobias
501 East Columbia Street

Blue Birds”

By: Bryan Ballinger
Visit Fort Wayne Alley
927 Harrison Street – North facing

“I love the art scene in Fort Wayne and the opportunity to contribute to it in this way is really exciting!” – Ballinger. Guests will enjoy learning more information via a QR code at this location. 

Artist Video

By: Matthew Plett
Midtowne Alley
112 W. Wayne Street – West facing

“Alternating patterns of chaos and calm. The reminder to pause and breathe despite life’s anxiety inducing chaos!” – Plett. Guests will enjoy learning more information via a QR code at this location.

Artist Video

“Panda Oops”
By: Tammy Davis
STAR Financial Alley
127 West Berry Street – South facing

“I am so excited to be chosen to do this mural as a part of the revitalization of Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. It means so much to me to actually be able to be a part of this amazing project, to be able to leave my art, and will hopefully make people smile.” – Davis. Guests will enjoy learning more information via a QR code at this location.

Artist Video

“Arouse! For you must justify me.”
By: Tim Parsley (with help of University of St Francis SOCA students)
STAR Financial Alley 
128 West Wayne Street – North facing

“What excites me most about this project is the unique opportunity for our art students at the University of Saint Francis to participate in the real-world application of their creative skills.  As both an artist and an art educator, I am proud to be a part of the Art This Way Alley Activation Project.” -Parsley

Artist Video

By: Diane Allen Groenert
Washington Blvd Alley
120 Washington Street – East facing

By: 1010
Lebamoff Law Offices Alley
918 S. Calhoun Street – North facing

“I want to play and push boundaries… to see how people interact with art. It’s not passive. It activates people.”- 1010. Guests will enjoy learning more information via a QR code at this location.

Artist Video

By: Tim Parsley
The Landing
126 W Columbia Street – West facing

“Wild Boar”
By: Jerrod Tobias
Brass Rail
1121 Broadway Street

Another mural in Fort Wayne to feature a story about Fort Wayne’s history. The story of this mural works to evoke and pay tribute to the Native Americans who once lived on this land in Fort Wayne.

“Have A Nice Day”
By: Addeline Griswold
Fancy and Staple
1111 Broadway

By: Wellspring
Wellspring Mural
1316 Broadway

“The Fort Wayne Story”
​By: Julia Meek
Hyde Brothers Books
1428 Wells Street

“Friendly Fox”
By: Jerrod Tobias
1434 Wells Street

“Don’t Give Up”
By: Matt Plett

"The Rise of the Woman"
By: Lissa Brown
3402 Fairfield Ave

Wunderkammer Company is an independent art gallery. The building hosts many works of art, and there are new murals being added frequently. Contact them for info on exhibitions inside as well. 

"Better Together”
By: Phresh Laundry and Matt Plett
Tasty Pizza
4302 Fairfield

This mural designed for the Fairmount Neighborhood is a collaboration between Theoplis Smith III (Phresh Laundry) and Matt Plett. 

"Sly Fox”
By: Phresh Laundry
Friendly Fox
4001 S. Wayne

By: Jerrod Tobias
Firefly Coffeehouse
3511 N Anthony Blvd

Artlink and the North Anthony Corridor Group have joined together to paint a mural on the south side of 3511 North Anthony Blvd., the building in which Firefly Coffee House, Health Food Shoppe, and Studio Seva reside. The composition incorporates the forests of Northeast Indiana as a point of departure, and is laid out like a page in a coloring book.

“Magical Mural”
By: Sarah Thompson
Stuckeys Greenhouse
1919 Tyler Ave


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