You probably already know what a great place the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is to visit. However, what you may not know is that the Zoo is extending its regular season, Memorial Day through Labor Day, to weekends in April as well as weekends through November. So plan to see the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in every season this year.

Timed ticketing allows you to choose the time of day you would like to visit and even choose some deals based on your time selection as well.

Girl with sea lion at Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Extended Season at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

The Weather is Better

While the zoo operates at capacity in the summer, the shoulder seasons tend to be a little quieter. If you’ve visited the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo before, you already know that the hot summer temperatures never stop people from visiting. The parking lot is always packed, even on the hottest days (which goes to show how much people love the Zoo)!

However, if you go during the early season in April, you will find your visit to be just a little bit quieter. The temperature is significantly cooler and with a light jacket, you can really enjoy being outdoors after a long winter. The best part is that many animals also venture out from their napping spots during this time in the cooler weather.

Wild Wednesday Makes a Great Date Night

Despite the name, the Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo is not just for children. Plenty of adults visit to enjoy the exhibits and rides as well.

With extended evening hours during Wild Zoo Wednesdays from 4PM - 8PM (and discounted tickets at just $12!), the zoo is a great place to plan a date night. You can stroll through the Indonesian Rainforest or Indiana Family Farm, where you can brush the goats and have a laugh. From there, you can take a canoe ride with your significant other in the Australian Adventure or enjoy the Sky Safari ride in the African Journey. Finish the night by grabbing a bite to eat at Ray’s Barefoot Grill or an ice-cream from Matilda’s Sweet Treats.

A goat being brushed in the Indiana Farm Exhibit at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in Indiana

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This blog was originally published in June 2019 and has been updated