They say Indiana is a basketball state, but sometimes I think Fort Wayne is a golf city. We have many course options available to the public. You can even play indoor golf during the winter months.

Following is a clearinghouse of the golf options available to visitors. Each location is linked to the course’s website. If you think I missed any, please speak up in the comments section!

Take the Visit Fort Wayne Golf Course Map with you!

Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department Courses

fort wayne golf foster park

The Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department maintains three golf courses. Tee times begin at 6:30 AM and you can reserve online while you’re planning your trip. Parks & Recreation courses are a friendly option for travelers and locals alike. 


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Other Public Courses

The following courses and clubs are open for public patronage. Greens fees and course sizes vary, so you’re sure to find the game that fits your style.

Cherry Hill Golf Course - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Indoor Recreation in Fort Wayne

You’re on vacation, so try something new! Indoor golf simulators are a fun alternative to traditional courses, and they’re available year-round. Don’t let a rainy or cold day stop your golf game. Try one of Fort Wayne’s indoor options.

Mini Golf in Fort Wayne

Are you traveling with non-golfers but you still feel the need to get your hands on a club? Could your putting use some attention. The following miniature golf courses are a fun diversion for everyone in your party and are suitable for all ages.

If your standard packing list includes golf clubs, Fort Wayne has you covered. We have an abundance of tee times and course styles. Pack, ship, or check your gear and join us for a golf-filled getaway!