Stargazing is the perfect activity for those with a sense of wonder. Fort Wayne Astronomical Society (FWAS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group, incorporated in 1959. Over the past half-century, FWAS has worked towards their mission by bringing the wonders of our universe to the eyes and minds of thousands of our visitors.

After over 20 years of working out of a storage shed, our local space enthusiasts, the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society, reached for the stars and fundraised $248,000 to construct a new, modern, public astronomical observatory in Jefferson Township Park.

Now, the society is using this unique, state of the art facility to give back to the community! There is no other amenity like this in the region, making it a perfect late-night attraction for visitors of all ages!

The Star*Quest Observatory

Star Quest Telescopes

The Star*Quest Observatory offers a range of impressive telescopes that any amateur or enthusiast would be delighted to get their hands on. These special instruments can gather 6,000 times more light than the naked eye, giving them the ability to capture one of a kind images. The observatory is designed for free public observing and astronomy education. Free stargazing for the public is offered every clear Saturday night from April to November, starting one hour after sunset and continuing for two hours.

On these clear Saturday viewing nights, trained volunteers operate the observatory telescopes and are available to answer your questions. You may also bring your own telescope to the site and receive help to use it more effectively. The group looks forward to expanding their reach to the community through education. FWAS invites everybody to join them for free stargazing every clear Saturday night from April to November, beginning one hour after sunset and lasting for 2 hours. FWAS also can provide lectures and observing session for groups!

Check out their Clear Sky Clock for exact conditions and visit their website for more details.