Chocolate. Vanilla. Strawberry. A sprinkle rim and cherry on top. There’s nothing better than a classic milkshake for a sweet treat or mid-day snack break after exploring Fort Wayne.

From classic diner shakes to over the top milkshakes, sink your straw or better yet, a reusable straw into the best milkshakes in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Best Milkshakes in Fort Wayne, Indiana

1. Just Cream Ice Cream Boutique - Over The Top Fun

Decked out in a variety of different concoctions, Just Cream Ice Cream Boutique is known for its Extreme Shakes. Think milkshakes with rims covered in sprinkles topped with treats like Rice Krispie treats or cotton candy, and overloaded with other sweet candies and toppings.

The Stand Mudslide

2. The Stand - The Perfect Pair

Looking for a classic coney and ice cream? Don’t miss your chance for a stop at The Stand. From seasonal favorites to frappes and Wipeouts, The Stand's funky mix of flavors is the sweetest combination.

Open Seasonally

Desserts at Zesto Fort Wayne

3. Zesto - Summer Time Favorite

Zesto is a weekly stop for me, come summertime. Whether it’s a classic cone, a razzle, or blackberry shake, Zesto churns out some of my favorite ice creams. Offering a variety of shake flavors, everyone in the family will love their ice cream treat from Zesto.

Open Seasonally

Strawberry Shake at Hall's Original Drive-In4. Don Hall's - Classic

Order a classic hamburger and milkshake at one of Fort Wayne’s favorite old fashioned diners. The Hall's Original Drive-In and Hollywood Drive-In make no fuss over their milkshakes. If you’re looking for a simple vanilla or chocolate shake, then this is the place for you.

5. Dairy Sweet - Grabill, Indiana

After your tour of a classic Amish community, the Dairy Sweet is the perfect afternoon pit stop. Enjoy classic treats and, of course, MILKSHAKES!

Open Seasonally

Let the quest for the best milkshake begin - tell us your favorite!

Reader Suggestions

The Friendly Fox

This local favorite, located on South Wayne Avenue, is at the center of several historic Fort Wayne neighborhoods. More than just a coffee house, Friendly Fox a full cafe menu and several varieties of shakes. From confetti cookie, to the standards of chocolate and vanilla, you're sure to find a favorite flavor. 

Shakes at the Friendly Fox


This post was originally published in February 2019 and has been updated.