Did you know Fort Wayne has one of the highest concentrations of Burmese residents outside of Myanmar in the world?  Myanmar, formerly Burma, is a country located in Southeast Asia.  Due to religious conflict more 4,000 Burmese refugees call the Summit City home. I was introduced to the Burmese culture when took on a project to tutor refugee students. As a way to thank me, the parents of my delightful students made me traditional Burmese dishes. I quickly fell in love with Burmese food! While I no longer aid students, I often long for Burmese food.

My quest for tea leaf salad and Burmese noodles lead me to Mahnin Asian Restaurant. Located at the corner of Calhoun and Pontiac Street in a small, white brick building this restaurant dishes up big flavors. On a recent afternoon, I enjoyed the green tea leaf salad and shrimp eggrolls. The tea leaf salad is a delicious dish made out of fermented tea leaves and green cabbage, it is topped with tomatoes and roasted soybeans. The shrimp eggrolls filled with shrimp and cabbage will satisfy your taste buds. For those that love beef, I suggest you try Gang Panang. This dish delivers a subtle, yet spicy kick. The beef, cooked in a curry with coconut milk, is served on a bed of lime leaves and rice. Mahnin Asian Restaurant serves many more traditional Burmese dishes including mohinger and tom yum soup.

Mahnin Asian Restaurant is a great place to try new foods and experience another culture.  It is an affordable place to eat with the average meal cost of $10.00, so it's a great place for families on a budget.  

Mahnin Asian Restaurant is located at 2701 S Calhoun St.  Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm.