Little do many know that tucked away in a warehouse on the south side of downtown, 7 men are making distilling history.

Fort Wayne’s first-ever legal distillery, recently opened in 2016, has already distinguished themselves from the rest by earning themselves multiple national prestigious titles from the American Craft Spirits Association and the American Distilling Institute.

Three Rivers Distilling Company - Liquid Gold

Their grain-to-bottle products have made a clear impact on the brewing industry in Indiana, quickly earning the title of the fastest growing distillery the state has ever seen.

Their dedication to quality overall is what they believe has seated them as such successes in the Indiana brewing industry. From building their own custom “Frankenstein” machines from parts to creating revolutionary new ways to speed up the aging process of their ales, Three Rivers Distilling is transforming the way Indiana spirits are crafted.

Three Rivers Distillery

Midwest Proud

What makes Three Rivers Distilling Company such a great piece of Fort Wayne is their dedication to the local community and Indiana. They “put their Midwest work ethic to good use” by using only the purest, local ingredients. No shortcuts here! By enlisting a cooper to make barrels right down the block, filling up bottles made here in Indiana and using only the finest, freshest local ingredients, you can taste Indiana in every sip distilled at Three Rivers Distilling.

Facility Tours

Three Rivers Distilling Company is a great stop for any visiting connoisseurs that want a one of a kind insider experience.

Swing by the distillery on a weekday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, and there will be someone happily ready to give you a free tour and discuss their latest spirits.

Coming in late 2017, you can expect some new additions to the Three Rivers Distilling facility. The building will be expanded to have a large tasting area and events center where they plan to host movie nights, entertainment, food trucks and more! At that time, you will have the opportunity to tour the facility for a cost, and enjoy a small tasting in their events center!

Three Rivers Distilling Company is located at 224 E Wallace St.

Check out their website for more information on products, events and more: