It can be hard to stay active (especially on vacation), but Fort Wayne, Indiana can make being active fun... like, really fun! Here's a day's itinerary to your active Saturday, or you can split it up and do each of these things throughout the week.

An Active Fort Wayne, Indiana Itinerary

Parkview Icehouse - Ice Skating in Fort Wayne

SportOne / Parkview Icehouse

Begin your day after lunch at SportOne/Parkview Icehouse with public ice skating! Lace up the ice skates and take a lap on the ice. Never been? Don't worry, it's not as hard as it looks. Don't forget to wear pants and bring a sweatshirt - it can get pretty cold in there. And, if you're hanging out with someone who doesn't like to ice skate, that's ok too, because there's free Wifi!

Lazer X

After you've put your skates away, head a few streets over to Lazer X! Get ready to get active, because up to 42 players are going to equip themselves with computerized vests and laser guns. The 9,000+ foot space will have you up and down, running all around, breaking a sweat. For those who like a good competition, you'll get your scorecard when you're done to show you who did the best and who tagged who.

Glenbrook Square

At this point, you may need to grab a bite to eat or a cold beverage, but you're just in luck, the mall is right across the street. AND, if you want, you can even grab more steps by touring Glenbrook Square. You're sure to get your steps in that way!

Roller Dome

Once you've cooled down, it's time to put the skates back on... but this time, the ROLLER SKATES! Head just across the highway to Roller Dome North and see who's the best on these skates. They even have a cafe, arcade and laser tag of their own. Be sure to check out their monthly schedule, because they have karaoke nights, all-day skate and even all-night skate.


Sky Zone

Finally, end your night at Fort Wayne's Indoor Trampoline Park, Sky Zone! Take off your shoes, throw on a glow-in-the-dark SkyZone shirt and the fun orange Sky Zone socks, and you're ready to bounce away. Bounce on trampolines, do flips, bounce off the wall, shoot a basketball, play team dodgeball or even jump into a foam pit!

The opportunities are endless, and by the end of your day you'll be incredibly sore and have incredible memories.