Sometimes the life of a writer is really a challenge. Like when I volunteered to research places in the Fort Wayne area that make delicious cinnamon rolls. Yeah, I know, it's a tough life. As they say, someone's got to do it and it might as well be me!

The Best Cinnamon Rolls in Fort Wayne

1. Rise'n Roll Bakery

This place was recommended to me by several people. Now I know why. These cinnamon rolls are available in two flavors - regular rolls with a rich and decadent cream cheese frosting. Or you can get the caramel frosted cinnamon rolls. This is when decision-making becomes sweet.

5129 Illinois Rd            511 E Dupont Rd
260.436.5695                260.338.2588

Rise'n Roll Bakery

2. Courtney's Bakery

Courtney's Bakery has a wide assortment of baked items on its menu. Enjoy their delicious baked items and cinnamon rolls at their Coldwater Road location. Their mouth-watering cinnamon rolls are the ones to beat!

7773 Coldwater Rd.

Cinnamon Roll Junk Ditch Brewing Company

4. Junk Ditch Brewing Company

Available on Sundays at brunch, Junk Ditch offers tasty rolls of cinnamon, along with other baked goods. Be sure to make a reservation.

1825 West Main Street

TIP: The cinnamon rolls at Junk Ditch are from GK Baked Goods. You can also find these delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls at Crescendo Coffee & More located at 1806 Bluffton Rd.

5. Icing for Izaac

Located north at the corner of Cook and Lima Roads, this bakery has made "cute" a way of life! You'll love their pink decor, child friendly policies, and oh yes, their cinnamon rolls and other baked goods!

243 Airport North Office Park

GK Bakery Cinnamon rolls lined up in the display case

6. GK Baked Goods and Provisions

In the heart of Downtown you'll find GK Baked Goods and Provisions on the corner of W Berry St. and S Harrison St. They have a wide variety of ridiculously yummy pastries and baked goods, and, of course, among that list are their larger than life and cinnamon rolls!

202 W Berry St. Suite 120

7. Firefly

This friendly neighborhood coffee shop is a local hangout - for good reason! Try their quiches, baked goods, and delicious cinnamon rolls - and be sure to enjoy them outside in their garden tent!

3523 N Anthony Blvd


This post was originally published in July 2020 and was last updated in April 2024.