I readily admit to having a sweet tooth. And I know I'm not alone in that. So how about some sweet talk today -- specifically, where to buy some of the best pie in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

Pro Tip: Just in time for Thanksgiving, you can also order whole pies at most of these restaurants with Thanksgiving special carryout deals! View each below.

The Best Pies in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Bakerson Pies Karmel KrustedBakerson Pies

For Fort Wayne's newest pie shop (at 1025 Rudisill Blvd., and also at Ft Wayne's Farmers Market), it's a simple process: 1) Choose a flavor. 2) Choose a time. 3) Unite with your pie. (order here)
Easier said than done, when it comes to choosing, with flavors like Karmel Krusted Apple Pie (pictured above), Tollhouse Pie, Pecan Gone Mad Pie, Baileys 'N Sugar Cream Pie, and so much more. 

View their Thanksgiving carryout menu here and be the star of your Thanksgiving feast.

Purple Mountain Cheesecake Pie CroppedPurple Mountain Cheesecake (and Pie!)

For a decadent treat, head to Purple Mountain Cheesecake (424 E Wayne Street) for their Sugar Cream Pie, Dutch Apple Pie, or Lattice Top Apple Pie. And really, is cheesecake more pie or cake? Might as well try one of their many flavors while you're there to cover your bases (you won't regret it!). Available in 9" and 6". In the summer, you can catch their big purple food truck offering slices of cheesecake all around town.

If you've tried and loved the pie at Coney Island, guess what? It was made at Purple Mountain Cheesecake, which makes all pies for the Fort Wayne icon.

Pies at Sweets So GeekSweets So Geek

Looking for a unique pie? Check out Sweets So Geek, located at 6722 E State Blvd.

At this quirky dessert shop, you can buy custom-order pies. A look at their dessert menu reveals pies that you don't find every day: Lock Shock and Horchata Pie. Apple Raspberry Rosé Pie. Horchata Churro Pie. Even Hoosier Heart Attack, which is a sugar cream pie baked inside a spice cake and frosted with vanilla buttercream. At Sweets So Geek, look for interesting crust varieties and newfangled pies sure to entice your mind as well as your tastebuds.

Offering Thanksgiving carryout pickup up to the Wednesday before, call ahead to reserve your pie or other treat. Details here.

Rise 'n Roll

You probably think of doughnuts when you think of Rise 'n Roll (5129 Illinois Rd and 509 E Dupont). But, Rise 'n Roll makes more -- cakes, muffins, cookies, and yes, pies. Pies at Rise 'n Roll are delectable and varied. You can choose among Reese's Cream, Crunch Delight, Rhubarb Cream, Red Raspberry, Peach, Sour Cream Blueberry, and that's just a beginning.

Pre-order for Thanksgiving and pickup the Wednesday before at 260-436-5695.

Sara's Family Restaurant

Sara's Family Restaurant, 5792 Coventry Lane, has long been a favorite place for me to meet a friend for lunch. Sara's offers delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, with a huge menu and generous quantities of food with a home-cooked touch. Be sure to save room for some of their delicious pecan or coconut meringue pie.

Paula's on Main Key Lime PieThe Friendly Fox

Located in the heart of Southwood Park (4001 S. Wayne), The Friendly Fox has long been a favorite spot to pop into for a hot drink or a fun, creative lunch entree. They also offer pie -- "only key lime," said the manager, "but it's amazing." Give the in-house-crafted creation a try!

Paula's On Main

Another super spot for Key Lime Pie is Paula's on Main (1732 W Main St) -- "the best north of Florida," I was told by an employee. They also offer chocolate peanut butter pie, and other flavors are available on a rotating basis. Want a whole pie? Paula's will sell it to you, in a glass pie plate that you can return for $5 off your next pie -- and you may even be able to pass it off as one you've made yourself. Stop by Paula's on your birthday or anniversary and they'll even offer you a free slice.

Cindy's Diner

Enjoy a burger and fries at this authentic '50s diner, but don't leave without finishing up with pie! Cindy's Diner offers various pies on a rotating basis. They make the perfect ending to your meal of comfort food.

Hetty Arts Pastry

Are you a fan of Hetty Arts doughnuts, sold on a pastry truck you'll find at various locations around town or at local markets? Hetty Arts makes delicious pies too -- you can sample it at HT2 (10212 Chestnut Plaza Drive).

Alright, alright, so this bit isn't about pies, BUT Hetty Arts is offering pre-order Thanksgiving donuts and wine to pickup from Two-EE's Winery - pre-order starting Monday, November 23rd with pickup on Wednesday, November 25th. Don't miss this fun and tasty deal! Place orders here

This post was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated for November 2020.