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Savor Fort Wayne Menu
​January 12 - 23, 2022

Option One $39.99
Dine in or Carry out
Two Rib Dinners
Two Fountain Drinks
Two Banana Puddings

Option Two $69.99
Family Meal Deal. Carry out only
Two pounds of meat (Choose pulled pork or chopped chicken)
Two quarts of sides
Eight buns
Half pint of sauce
Four chocolate brownies

Option Three $45.99 (available after 4pm)
Carry out only
Three pounds rib tips
Two pints of sides
Four slices garlic toast
Four cookies

Notes: Tax and gratuity not included. Reservations not required.
In 2015, voted Best BBQ in Indiana by Honest to Goodness Indiana.


Focused on the Fork

Shigs in Pit - Focused on the Fork

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