Host Them Here

We Need You to Host Them Here

Fort Wayne hosts 6.5 million visitors annually, who support more than 14,000 Allen County jobs. These are jobs that employ your neighbors and friends, and help enhance our quality of life. Without these employees, we would not have as many great restaurants, small businesses, events, attractions, and hotels to enjoy.

Value of Tourism in Fort Wayne


How You Can Help

Family in Fort Wayne frameTo sustain our neighbors and their 14,000 jobs there are a few ways you can help:

  1. Invite your friends and relatives to reunite and enjoy a weekend in Fort Wayne!
  2. If you attend conventions, meetings, or events for hobby groups, associations, industry meetings, or sports tournaments - tell us about them! We can help to bring these events to Fort Wayne in the years to come. You'll get to show off our city, save on travel, and help bring more spending into our community!


What You'll Be Doing

By hosting your friends or relatives in Fort Wayne, or helping to bring your group events to Fort Wayne, you'll be playing a big part in re-invigorating Fort Wayne's hospitality industry.

Join us as we "Host Them Here," and you'll be supporting our hospitality industry as they continue to prosper for years to come.