Frequently Asked Questions


Visit Fort Wayne, along with the Fort Wayne Restaurant Community, will be hosting its fifth annual Savor Fort Wayne Restaurant Week; January 10-21, 2018. Participating restaurants will be offering three-course, value-priced menus for diners to enjoy.

Please review our list of frequently asked questions.

What is Savor Fort Wayne?

Savor Fort Wayne allows diners to take advantage of three-course, value-priced menus at some of Fort Wayne’s best restaurants each year in January for 12 days.

When will Savor Fort Wayne take place?

Each year in January- the next one will be January 10-21, 2018. This restaurant week will take place for 12 days.

How do I participate in Savor Fort Wayne?

Simply review the list of participating restaurants and menus, determine where you want to dine, make reservations if necessary and enjoy a three-course, value-priced meal. No coupons or passes are needed to participate.

Are the Savor Fort Wayne menus available at lunch and dinner at each restaurant?

Each restaurant decides if they will offer their Savor Fort Wayne menu for lunch, dinner, or both. Please check each restaurant menu page to know when their menu is being offered.

When are menus added to

All the time—please be sure and check our site frequently as sometimes menus change or new ones are being added!

How can I stay up to date with contests and news about Savor Fort Wayne?

Follow Savor Fort Wayne on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @SavorFortWayne to always be in the know! We are always posting- not just during the actual event.

Should I make a reservation?

Reservations are not required but are highly recommended. On each restaurant's menu, you will be able to see if the eatery accepts reservations or not.

How many restaurants/locations are signed up for this year?

We are thrilled to have 47 participating locations for 2018, the highest number yet!

What is the Dining Guide & STAR Rewards Card?

NEW for 2018 are pocket sized dining guides that list all the participating restaurants, information about other great events going on and a rewards card that enters you to win $500 in restaurant gift cards just for participating in Savor!

Where can I find the Dining Guide & STAR Rewards Cards?

You can find them at any of the participating restaurants, STAR Bank Branches and at Visit Fort Wayne. We also created a printable PDF version that you can download here.

How can I enter the STAR Rewards Card Savor Fort Wayne Contest?

It is easy to enter! Simply fill your STAR Rewards Card with STAR stickers (4 is all you need) and be registered to win $500 in gift cards to Savor Fort Wayne restaurants!

  1. Dine in a Savor Fort Wayne restaurant between January 10-21, 2018.
  2. Ask your server for a star sticker for every Savor Fort Wayne meal purchased. You will earn 1 STAR for meals purchased on a Fri, Sat or Sun, and 2 STARS for meals purchased on Mon-Thur.
  3. When your card is full, you can submit it one of three ways:
  • POST IT: to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (make sure it is a public post) with #SavorFWwin
  • MAIL IT: or drop it off to the Visitors Center: 927 S. Harrison Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802
  • DROP IT: at any Fort Wayne area STAR Bank branch*                                                   

Winner will be announced January 29th

*You can also enter without purchase by dropping off the card with your contact information.

What is the Parkview Lighter Choice option on the Savor Fort Wayne menus?

Each of the participating restaurants will offer one Parkview Lighter Choice option from any of their courses. The parameters are 600 calories or less for an entrée and 250 calories or less for a first or third course (appetizer/dessert). This option will be designated with the ParkviewParkview Health

Are there other great events happening during Savor Fort Wayne?

Yes! Lots! We even created a special section called “Make A Night Of It” on highlighting other fun events going on. What makes it even better- those listed are offering discounted tickets and admissions!

How does my restaurant participate in Savor Fort Wayne?

Savor Fort Wayne is organized by Visit Fort Wayne. Please send an email to or call 260-424-3700.

How can my company become a sponsor of Savor Fort Wayne?

Please send an email to or call 260-424-3700.

Who should I contact regarding media inquiries?

Please send an email to or or call 260-424-3700.

If you would like additional information about Savor Fort Wayne, please contact us.

Savor Fort Wayne is brought to you by Visit Fort Wayne.