Nomination Process

The Visit Fort Wayne Hospitality Awards recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations who exemplify tourism excellence. These nominees solidify that Fort Wayne / Allen County is a world-class visitor destination. 

Three to five finalists per category will be chosen by the Selection Committee and are invited to attend the Power of Tourism State of Tourism and Hospitality Awards Luncheon on May 9th, 2024, at the Mirro Center from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Awards will be announced live at this event. Award nominations must be received by March 18, 2024. 

Power of Tourism Award Types

Rising Star Award: Recognizes individuals who have been in the hospitality industry for fewer than five years and are consistently achieving excellence in their current role.

Power of Tourism Award: Recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves in the Fort Wayne/Allen County Tourism industry by exemplifying the highest level of leadership and service. Nominees are evaluated on professional excellence, values and integrity, and achievements representing our destination's best.

Service Excellence Award: Recognizes employees who provide exceptional service. Nominees are evaluated on attitude, workplace knowledge and familiarity with the community, communication skills, and ability to exceed visitor expectations. These nominees are ambassadors of outstanding service.

Hospitality Leadership Award: Recognizes a management-level employee for leadership in the local hospitality industry. Nominees are evaluated on management, leadership skills, and their vision for the hospitality industry. These nominees display foresight and exceptional leadership skills and have positively impacted the Fort Wayne/ Allen County hospitality industry and the community.

Diversity Champion Award: Recognizes an individual or organization who, by advocating, educating, developing programs, and raising awareness of DEI and/or accessibility, has strengthened and affected meaningful change to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or accessibility in our hospitality and tourism industry.

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