WIN TICKETS: Blue Man Group Returns to Fort Wayne

You will be humming the blues when a certain group hits Fort Wayne – or at least, a much more exciting type of blues than you’re probably thinking of.

How does one categorize an entertainment act that defies description? This one has experimental music (but it’s not a musical), dance (but it isn’t a ballet), visual arts, percussive highlights, technology, ghostly things floating about, and much more – and the trio of blue humanoids onstage say nary a word throughout the whole performance.

BlueManGroup VFW.001 300x225 WIN TICKETS: Blue Man Group Returns to Fort Wayne

Meet the internationally-acclaimed Blue Man Group when they bring their passionate theatrical experience for the whole family to Fort Wayne November 13, 2014. They’ll keep you engaged and laughing – with bathroom words like “butt,” “tush,” “shake your booty,” and “buns” flashing in the background during one song.

Blue Man Group was founded in 1987 by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton and has received kudos worldwide for its creativity, not only on stage but also with various television appearances and their children’s museum exhibit.

The humanoid creatures with blue makeup and bald caps keep the laughs (and gasps) going in their variety show. They have delighted audiences on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Epic, and in numerous theaters worldwide. The performance artists have been on many tours, produced soundtracks and have won awards and nominations.

The Baltimore Sun raves, “Blue Man Group packs a wallop. It’s a big, loud, funny, silly, visually arresting production!”

According to other reviews, “This is a show that you wonder if the creators were smoking something when they came up with the idea. . . . It really is very entertaining and mind-blowing. I’ve seen it 4 times now and it still hasn’t let me down. It is a pretty relaxed show so you don’t really need to dress like you are going to the opera. Just go, expecting to have fun. . . . It is non-stop with constant mixed audience participation. The kids loved it!”

The show begins at 7:30 pm Thursday, November 13, 2014 at the Embassy Theatre is located at 125 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46802. Tickets ($62.50, $50, $30) can be purchased through the Embassy Theatre box office (260) 424-5665, all Ticketmaster locations,, or charge-by-phone at (800) 745-3000. Visit for more information.

A caveat: The Embassy Theatre is a historic venue. There are no elevators to the Loge and Balcony sections.




Barb Sieminski is a freelance writer and photographer for several magazines and newspapers. She received her B.A. and M.S. in art and English, from the University of St. Francis. When not chained to the computer, she follows her passion of fishing, believing that all good things come to she who baits . . .

WIN TICKETS: The Second City comes to the Summit City November 7th

A 300x199 WIN TICKETS: The Second City comes to the Summit City November 7th

You’ll laugh like you’ve never thought possible at this show!

If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live, you’ll go crazy over The Second City’s 55th Anniversary Tour, Nov. 7 at the Embassy Theatre. Why? Many of comedy’s
biggest names got their start with The Second City Touring Company, including Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Amy Poehler, Steve Carell, Bill Murray, Jason Sudeikis, Key & Peele’s Keegan ­Michael Key and Saturday Night Live’s current “Weekend Update” co­-anchor, Cecily Strong.  In other words, Second City is the motherload when it comes to comedy.

So what exactly is Second City, besides a group of people who will make you laugh?  According to their website, “The Second City is the leading brand in improv-based sketch comedy. With theatres in Chicago and Toronto, Training Centers in those cites as well as Hollywood, 11 full time touring ensembles, thriving corporate communications and theatricals divisions as well as television and film operations, The Second City has been called “A Comedy Empire” by the New York Times.” This legendary comedy theatre troupe has resident stages in Chicago, Toronto, and Touring Ensembles entertaining over 1,000,000 guests each year! That’s a lot of people!

And this “empire” will have you rolling on the floor in laughter, I hear. The Second City format is a two-act revue – primarily scripted – followed by a third act of improvisation. The improv is when it gets the most interesting!

So come see the superstars of tomorrow entertain you in a way you never thought possible. Fair warning: You might laugh ’til your face hurts!

Tickets for The Second City’s 55th Anniversary Tour are between $42 and $47 and can be purchased online.  I can tell you from personal experience, there really is no bad seat in the house. Plus, if you’re in to nostalgia, this theatre takes the cake.

And, you can register to WIN TICKETS here!


Lauren Caggiano was raised in Fort Wayne, and returned in 2007 upon graduation from the University of Dayton. The president of WriteOn LLC, she specializes in writing, marketing, and French translation. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, yoga and volunteering. In the summer you can catch her riding around downtown on her vintage green Schwinn. For more information, check out her website:

Spa Weekend Getaways

I don’t know about you, but I love getting pampered with a massage, facial, and mani-pedi. But where should you go in Fort Wayne for the best experiences? I traveled to several of the most highly recommended spas in the Fort Wayne area and have chosen the four that are the best for a quick pamper, full day, or weekend experience. Of course you can work each spa into a longer or shorter time frame, these are just my recommendations. Spa Weekend Getaways

My very first massage ever I went to In Touch SalonSpa. I actually only chose it initially because it was close to my home and reasonably priced. I was glad of my decision once I arrived. I was a little thrown off because when I walked in it just looked like a salon. I was helped right away and, after filling out the typical paperwork, was taken to the spa area in the back of the salon. As soon as you are in the back the noise from the front of the shop is pretty much non-existent. The atmosphere is immediately relaxing. The masseuse sat me down and helped me choose the aroma I wanted to be used during my massage. The quality of the massage was great. I was going in mostly for the enjoyment, no great stresses or aches/pains that I wanted taken care of, so it was perfect for me. I’m sure if I wanted a more intense deep tissue massage, I could’ve asked for it. My masseuse (and, forgive me, I can’t remember her name) was great about the whole process. She talked to me a little bit in the beginning, but once she really got moving, she just let me enjoy the massage. That was something that worried me. It being my first massage, I thought maybe the masseuse would try to talk to me the whole time like a stylist. I had heard some stories like that, so I was relieved that I was able to just lie there and enjoy it. The whole back area was really clean and calming. The lights were kept really low even in the pedicure areas, which were also really nice, but I didn’t get a pedicure. You can check their website, or find information on their Facebook page. The prices are reasonable here, so if you wanted to make a day of it; wedding parties, bachelorette parties, or girl time, this salon/spa would be pretty easy on the wallets. if you are more pressed for time, it is a really nice place to get a relaxing massage and get moving again (though you probably won’t want to). It is a smaller spa, so it wouldn’t be able to get through a large group super quickly as, I believe, there are only 2 massage rooms.

Cali Spa is a larger spa located just down the road from In Touch. This would be a better place for larger parties as there are lots of pedicure and manicure chairs and more massage rooms. Once again, the mani/pedi/salon area is louder, but the spa area is again thoroughly cut off. My masseuse (I’m terrible with names, maybe Jessica?) was very friendly, informative. She double-checked the questions I had answered on the paperwork, which I appreciated, because I really don’t know what I’m talking about as far as requesting certain things to be done or avoided. She explained the whole procedure to me, which again I appreciated because it was only my second time getting a massage. Now, this time I got a package, which included a mani/pedi with the massage treatment. Once my massage was completed, I went out to the salon and was helped to a great pedicure. My pedicurist was not very talkative, but that’s more what I was looking for anyway: A peaceful, quiet day at the spa. The manicure was pretty good too, though I definitely enjoy pedicures much more as a salon experience, thought the lasting result of a good manicure is hard to beat. The prices here were really reasonable as well. I had my mother-in-law and two of my sisters-in-law out to visit and we went to get pedicures and my two sisters who were still in college were able to afford the price for the pedicure without difficulty. Having been a poor college student pretty recently, I can say that is an impressive recommendation of its own for a spa. The services, specifically on the mani/pedi end of the spa are pretty much what you pay for. It’s not an overly indulgent experience from that side, but it is definitely more of a party atmosphere, so I would definitely choose this place over others for a large girls outing or bachelorette party.

I want to include a short bit about the Spiece Day Spa. I talked about the Spiece facilities in my Gyms for Visitors blog post, but I want to give a quick run-down on the Spa, specifically. The massage therapy is focused on sports and injury recovery from what I gathered on my visit. This is the only spa I was unable to actually get a treatment at before writing this post, but I did get a tour of the spa area. Definitely a more Spartan-type of facility geared to function more than form. The massage rooms are very private, which is a huge plus in my book. This spa does not have all of the amenities and treatment capabilities as the other spas, but it has a very friendly staff and would be a great place to visit for a quick treatment. If you are in town for a race or other sporting event, this might be a good option after the match/game/contest, to relax and rejuvenate your muscles. The price point of this spa is really on target with some of the “higher end” spas in the area and would be a great place for the weekend warriors to recover. The Spiece Day Spa is a little known gem in Fort Wayne to my knowledge.

The last spa I want to recommend is the Woodhouse Day Spa. This spa has the most impressive facilities of all of the spas I’ve been to. The staff takes the pampering and therapy of each guest very seriously. From the minute you walk in its soft voices, soft music, soft chairs. The locker rooms each boast steam rooms that you can use anytime you visit. The spa provides all kinds of complimentary products to use if you choose to make use of their rainfall showers (which I highly recommend). Hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, and other products are supplied to use after a shower as well. Separate quiet rooms for men and for women provide a most relaxing area to enjoy tea, juice, or wine before your treatment. Again, soft chairs, soft music, dim lighting, a crackling fireplace, and a mini waterfall fountain create an atmosphere of escape and utter relaxation. The treatment rooms are down a hallway kept separate from the rest of the spa. Unlike most other spas, the Woodhouse does not have a lot of extraneous noise, so the separation isn’t necessary from that perspective. However, having that level of separation gives the impression that the staff is concerned with the guests’ comfort and solitude during their experience. A staff member escorts guests from place to place within the spa. My masseuse did a great job following my request for moderate to deep pressure. Since I had gotten massages before, I felt I knew what to expect for the most part, but she did employ a couple techniques that I hadn’t experienced before and really enjoyed. Once the massage was completed she escorted me back to the locker room. I took full advantage of the facilities before leaving completely satisfied. The Woodhouse is definitely the most expensive option, but you get what you pay for. The overall experience is well worth the money and I highly recommend checking out their website to make an appointment at least once while you’re in Fort Wayne.

Holly Perry


Holly moved to the Fort Wayne area in 2012 and have enjoyed exploring all of the nifty "things-to-do" around the city! She is an aspiring writer and is currently working on her first novel. Holly lives with her husband, two crazy cats, a bearded dragon, and a ball python. She enjoys exercise in all forms and setting out on adventures during the day, then reads anything and everything she can get her hands on all night!

WIN TICKETS: Cirque du Soleil, Dralion – The Farewell Tour – Coming to Fort Wayne!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas. Keep them raised if you’ve been to Vegas AND been lucky enough to catch a show from Cirque du Soleil. Color me jealous! While I’ve been to Sin City a handful of times, sadly a live Cirque show is still on my bucket list. But not for long! The Farewell Tour of the long-running Cirque du Soleil,  Dralion will be flying into the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in November! Forgive the excessive exclamations, but I am excited!

LargeContentImage 247x300 WIN TICKETS: Cirque du Soleil, Dralion   The Farewell Tour   Coming to Fort Wayne!

November 5-9 at the Coliseum

Let’s get right to the details. There are six shows, running from November 5-9.

  • Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Friday, November 7, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, November 9, 2014 at 1:30 p.m.

Here’s how Cirque describes the show:

Fusing the 3000 year-old tradition of Chinese acrobatic arts with the multidisciplinary approach of Cirque du Soleil, Dralion draws its inspiration from Eastern philosophy and its never-ending quest for harmony between humans and nature. The show’s name is derived from its two emblematic creatures: the dragon, symbolizing the East, and the lion, symbolizing the West.

In Dralion, the four elements that govern the natural order take on a human form. Thus embodied, each element is represented by its own evocative colour: air is blue; water is green; fire is red; earth is ochre. In the world of Dralion, cultures blend, Man and Nature are one, and balance is achieved.

dralion2WEB 300x212 WIN TICKETS: Cirque du Soleil, Dralion   The Farewell Tour   Coming to Fort Wayne!

Man and Nature are one.

Click here for a preview!

Dralion will make its final appearance in January 2015. It has been performed in over 150 cities and has been in production since 1999Since May 2009, Dralion has been performed in arenas around the world, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy a Cirque du Soleil show in their own town. This November, it’s Fort Wayne’s turn!
To order tickets, click here. Reserved tickets: $37.00; $57.00; $77.00; $97.00; $127.00
dralion 300x111 WIN TICKETS: Cirque du Soleil, Dralion   The Farewell Tour   Coming to Fort Wayne!

The Coliseum is located at 4000 Parnell Avenue in Fort Wayne.  Don’t forget parking! $5 for the main lot and $8 for the preferred lot.

See you at the show!

And, you can register to WIN TICKETS!

Wendy Sack


Born and bred in Alabama, Wendy has lived in Fort Wayne for just over 12 years, calling historic Williams-Woodland Park home. Asked to describe herself, Wendy is quick to throw out the terms grammar geek, voracious reader, Jim Gaffigan nut and Alabama Crimson Tide football fanatic. Often found with a Diet Coke in one hand and a book in the other, Wendy’s true passion is her family. She is a wife, a mother of two and is always looking for new and adventurous things to do in and around Fort Wayne. Wendy finds humor easily in any situation and is a true believer that laughter really does cure anything.

Stoner’s Funstore Offers Fun for Any Occasion!

With Halloween just around the corner, come check out Stoner’s Funstore for your last-minute costume, accessories, and any other dress-up needs!

Named after the owner Dick Stoner, a nationally-renowned magician, Stoner’s has been in downtown Fort Wayne since 1949, but I visited this store for the first time just a few weeks ago with a friend.  We had a blast browsing the wide array of elaborate, creepy and comical costumes!

037 300x140 Stoner’s Funstore Offers Fun for Any Occasion!

Who WOULDN’T want to dress up as the King of Pop?

My favorites were the Medieval costumes, because I have a fetish for Medieval culture.  I appreciated the costumes because they looked more authentic than cheesy.  I liked the Michael Jackson outfit, too, complete with a white, sequined glove.

Customers can purchase costumes or rent them online.  The website is comprehensive and well-organized, but I recommend popping into the store and meeting the owners, who are very personable and passionate about helping people have fun with dressing up.

Need a mask or wig?  You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for at Stoner’s, whether it’s something flirty or scary, ghoulish or animal, childish or adult-themed.  The store also sells a lot of face paint and makeup in the fall in preparation for Fort Wayne’s annual Fright Night Zombie Walk.

035 224x300 Stoner’s Funstore Offers Fun for Any Occasion!

Masks for the not-so-faint-of-heart!

There’s more to Stoner’s than just dress-up items, though.

036 277x300 Stoner’s Funstore Offers Fun for Any Occasion!

There are kid-friendly toys, like rod puppets, and quirky gifts for superhero aficionados. And who can forget Mr. Stoner’s magic store?

039 219x300 Stoner’s Funstore Offers Fun for Any Occasion!

Not into dressing up for Halloween? That’s ok. Grab a superhero bowl for your favorite Halloween candy!

This really is a fun place for all ages, so make Stoner’s a stop in your Halloween shopping, and be sure to come back for more at Christmas time!

038 295x300 Stoner’s Funstore Offers Fun for Any Occasion!

Come visit Stoner’s Funstore online here or downtown at 712 Harrison St.


Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Amanda Reusser


Amanda Reusser is a 2006 graduate from Taylor University-Upland. She has spent the past 6 years living and teaching Drama, English and ESOL in Florida, Indonesia and Austria. While it was fun and insightful, she is very glad to be back home in Indiana. Amanda loves traveling, trying new foods, and learning cultural dances. She enjoys getting to know new people, teaching teenagers, and being involved with her home church.