Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting an Event:

Who can submit an event?

Anyone can submit an event, but it must meet the overall guidelines. Click here to review which kinds of events are acceptable.

When I click the button to submit an event, why do I go to the Visit Fort Wayne web site?

Current Fort Wayne’s calendar is connected with Visit Fort Wayne and other community calendars. The Visit Fort Wayne form means that your event may be eligible to be listed across all the connected calendars.

I just entered an event, but I can’t find it. Should I re-submit my event?

There is no need to submit again. All events are reviewed before they are allowed to be posted on the calendar, which may take up to 2 working days. You will receive a notice by email when your event is accepted. It will then show up on the calendar the next time the database is updated.

My event was approved, but I still cannot find it. Why doesn't it show up?

It depends on your search criteria. The KEYWORDS feature will only search the Event Title and Description text. If you search for your organization name and you do not see any search results, your event will likely need to be updated to include anything you think people might need to find your event. Email us to update your event text.

I want to include a photo with my event, what size should it be?

Photos may be any size, but they may be distorted or cropped if not in the 3:2 aspect ratio. We recommend photos no smaller than 900x600 pixels at 72dpi. For more information, click here to review our photo guidelines.

I submitted a website in my event, but it’s not showing up. How do I make sure my event website shows up?

If you have a website for your event, you must include the full web address, such as If you only put, the system cannot generate the URL. Your event can include a website for the event and a ticket purchasing link. Be sure to include the full URLs in each field on the form.

I just received an email that my event was denied. Why did you deny my event?

If an event is ineligible, it did not meet the calendar guidelines. Learn more here.

How can I advertise on Current Fort Wayne? is not currently accepting advertisements. To advertise on, please contact

Using the Calendar:

Can I receive a weekly event update via email?

Yes! Just click the Sign Up link here, or at the bottom of the home page.

How do I find events near me?

On any event search page, you can choose to sort events by distance. (This feature will work only if your browser is allowed to share your device’s location.) Alternatively, you can open the map page to find events. Just click on VIEW MAP to see the event locations on the map.

How do I find Family events?

You can search the calendar for any category, either by using the CATEGORIES drop down in the search bar, or search by KEYWORDS for specific events. You can also use the category menu at the top of the page, which shows events in category groups.

How do I use the Add to Calendar feature?

Tap or click the ADD TO CALENDAR button on an event, and select which calendar you want to use. Each calendar option works differently, so choose the option that works best with your device or computer.