One of Fort Wayne's most popular and frequent types of meeting groups, our city has an outstanding history of hosting hobby groups, most recently the Beer Can Collectors and National Fishing Lures. Since Fort Wayne is a unique city, we enjoy hosting unique groups and can offer several exclusive meeting packages to meet the needs and wants of any hobby group. 

Sales Team Assistance 
Need help presenting your meeting bid to your board? Visit Fort Wayne provides all the necessary tools and strategies to help you bring your meeting to Fort Wayne, including photos, videos, city information, and much more... Learn More

Fort Wayne is 15% more affordable in expenses across the board than you'll find in Indianapolis and other major cities. Our hotel, parking and venue fees are all considerably less than you'll find elsewhere... Learn More

Red Carpet Treatment 
Each of Fort Wayne's venue staffs works for you and your group only, focusing on every detail to ensure a successful meeting... Learn More

Media Spotlight 
Our local media enjoys covering meetings in our city, promoting them with top notch coverage. Visit Fort Wayne offers assistance in all media obligations from distributing news releases to setting up on-site interviews... Learn More

Facilities Recommended for Hobby Groups

Hobby Group that loves Fort Wayne

"I am pleased to report that Fort Wayne exceeded than our criteria. The staff at both downtown hotels and convention center leaned over backwards to make our event a success and the city of Fort Wayne is a great city with interesting things to do, safe streets, and great places to eat. These are very important aspects for a large out of town group. The Visit Fort Wayne folks were a pleasure to work with, too." - Gibby Gibson, National Site Selection of the National Fishing Lures Collectors Club

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