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iCRYO Fort Wayne


iCRYO is the leading recovery and wellness franchise in North America. We offer Lifestyle services, Body Sculpting services, iV Infusions, and additional wellness services to our community, elevating the lifestyle of our guests. No matter where we stand on this planet, we all have pain points attached to us. That’s why we believe our health-tech belongs to everyone: the adventurous, the courageous, the healthy.

Lifestyle Services Include;
• Wholebody Cryotherapy
• Compression Therapy
• Infrared Sauna sessions
• Cryo Facials
• Local Cryotherapy treatments

Body Sculpting services include;
• Slimming sessions
• Toning sessions
• Facial toning sessions

iV Infusions include;
• iV Infusions: Immunity, Beauty, Recovery, Mental Clarity, and more
• Vitamin Shots
• NAD+ : The miracle molecule

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