Who's in Bed with the Butler?


A California billionaire has bequeathed all of his assets to his only daughter, Constance...except the $22 million yacht he wanted Josephine to have, a $25 million art collection he left to Renee, and some priceless antique automobiles he willed to Marjorie. Constance arrives at her father's mansion with her lawyer, determined to find out who these women are and to buy them off or contest the will. 

The butler seems to hold the key, and she learns from him that the three sultry ladies were her father's lovers. She also learns that the items in question have vanished, all having been sold to The Bimbo Corporation. Could the butler be behind the shenanigans, and is he carrying on with the three ladies in question? Can the bumbling detective hired by Constance to get to the bottom of the mystery really be so inept? And what part does the elderly, deaf housekeeper and her pet rat play?

Kula Marinated Vegetable Salad with Dinner Rolls
BBQ Pork Chop
Macaroni and Cheese
Peas & Onions
Assorted Cakes

Gluten-Free option: No gravy, Yukon Potatoes, GF Cupcake

Vegetarian Option: Southwest Stuffed Portabella Mushroom