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Voice-Over Workshop with Ed Bednarczyk


A workshop for podcasters, aspiring voice actors, and voice-over artists

Join industry professional Ed Bednarczyk for a full day of voice-over exploration! You’ll cover essential career-launching topics including developing business strategies, getting clients, interpreting scripts, leveraging recent industry trends, and working in professional and home studios. Dig deep into financial realities, studio etiquette, demos, auditions, union/non-union work, and agent representation as well as practical applications like how to set up a home studio, where to spend and not spend money when getting started, and how to access new, post-pandemic opportunities. Plus, get one-on-one voice-over time with Ed using pro home studio gear from Sweetwater.

May 21 & 22; 10AM - 5PM


Event Schedules

Due to ongoing precautions during the COVID-19 Pandemic, events may be subject to changes, attendance restrictions, or cancellations. Please check with the event host and or venue for any events you are planning to attend. 

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