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Virtual Mystery Party: Mystery in Deadthorn Oaks


Do you have what it takes to figure out whodunit? Gather your best sleuths and put your deductive reasoning skills to the test in our Virtual Mystery Party!

"The town of Amity Hill has been plagued with supernatural activity recently, and the residents have decided to band together and fight the unseen forces. Reports of alien invasions, evil ghosts, and other paranormal entities, have spread around town. The epicenter of the incidents has predominantly been in the neighborhood of Dreadthorn Oaks.

Bartholomew Mugwort, the infamous founder of Mugwort, Inc., has agreed to host the gathering at his estate. You are one of the unfortunate individuals who have been overwhelmed by unnatural happenings of late. You have a regretful history with Mr. Mugwort, but you will put it aside and attend this meeting with bells on.  This is where your story begins..." ~