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The Sexton


David Rousculp (local playwright and funeral director for Harper’s in New Haven) follows up his 2019 hit My Dead Clown with another off-beat and winsome comedy. The sexton of a cemetery (think groundskeeper) has a special gift, a sixth sense if you will. And he needs it to help the special cluster of spirits buried in section 13 who won’t deal with lingering earthly issues—and hence, can’t pass over. Throw in the fact that evil forces are plotting to desecrate their eternal rest by converting the cemetery into a shopping and condo development, and we have a major catastrophe brewing for our not-quite-dearly departed. Like My Dead Clown, descriptions don’t capture the sweet quirky charm of this play. Directed by Thom Hofrichter, this play features: Chuck Fenwick, Mitch Harper, Chevas Hefflinger, Sarah Hodgin, Nancy Kartholl, Scott McMeen, Rodney Pasko, Robyn Pasko, and Cortney White.



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