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Even after more than four decades, The Marshall Tucker Band continues to have a profound impact on successive generations of Southern Rock listeners. Lead vocalist and bandleader Doug Gray has been fronting MTB since the very beginning when the band came together as a six-piece outfit in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The band is named in honor of blind piano tuner Marshall Tucker after Gray’s bandmates found the name inscribed on a key to their original rehearsal space.

A typical MTB setlist is packed with hits from the band’s mighty, 20-album music catalog, including the heartfelt “Heart it in a Love Song,” the insistent pleading of “Can’t You See?,” and the explosive testimony of “Fire on the Mountain.” Their influence on the genre has been praised by both MTB’s contemporaries and the bands that have followed in MTB’s footsteps, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Collective Soul. Gray says, “People ask me all the time what I’m gonna do when I turn 80, and I always say, ‘The same thing that we’re continuing to do now.’ We’re road warriors, there’s no doubt about that – and I don’t intend to slow down.”



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