The Innovation Moshpit | Where ideas meet the market


How often are the words moshpit and innovation used in the same sentence? WBC EmPWR’s Innovation Moshpit™ Workshop Series will be like concert goers colliding in a moshpit. Yet, the moshpit is the workshop series, convening small business owners to mosh unrelated ideas to re-imagine their businesses. Registration is open for Hoosier business builders and nonprofit leaders to participate in the workshop series. Enroll on the events page of The NIIC website.

WBC EmPWR Innovation Mosh Pit Workshop series begins August 12, 2020 and continues through October 7th, 2020. The ten-week virtual program will be co-led by Gregg Fraley, Founder, GFi, and Sarah Lance, WBC EmPWR Project Manager. Workshop participants will move through the Innovation Moshpit’s comprehensive innovation process that includes three phases. The first phase is exploration or research. The second phase is ideation, otherwise known as brainstorming. The last phase is project planning. Participants will develop a solid plan to implement something new, fresh, and exciting for their businesses or organizations.

Participants will use the Innovator Mindset® tool created by Dennis Stauffer to improve their business thinking skills further. Participants will be connected with other non-competitive business peers to network, share problems, brainstorm, and develop solutions that move progress forward and upward.