Ricky Glore and Future Late Nite Sets


Come for a great night of standup comedy in Fort Wayne by Ok Comedy! Comedians will be doing their potential future late nite comedy sets and Cincinnati's Ricky Glore will be performing his potential future comedy half hour! Our featured performer is Mohamad Abbasi, he will be doing his potential future Netflix special! Fun night of comedy at Wunderkammer Company, tickets are just $7 online, $10 at the door!

Ricky Glore Bio:
Ricky Glore (as heard on THE BOB & TOM SHOW), fresh off of recording his DRY BAR COMEDY SPECIAL, examines his Midwest upbringing while tackling becoming a new dad, being married, celebrity nursery rhymes, being asked if he wants to fight a bear and what would happen if his cat could make tacos and bring them to his wife?

Mohamad Abbasi Bio:
Mohamad has performed with Heywood Banks, Creed Bratton, Kevin Farley, and has performed in Arab Fest and the Maumee Mary and Joseph Comedy Festival here in Fort Wayne!