Rich Hoppe | The Power of Passion

  • 437 E. Berry St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802
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  • Presented By: Founders Spark
  • Dates: September 18, 2019
  • Location: Cinema Center
  • Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Price: FREE
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes
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It’s a well known fact that success in business, especially in the beginning, requires grit. There are good days and then there are the dreaded bad days. These bad days can make it hard for any business owner to trek on. From an early age, Rich learned to follow his passion, which led him through a winding road of adventure. That culminated into what is now the Fort Wayne Indoor Skatepark, Fort Wayne’s only indoor skatepark.

One of Rich’s earliest memories of fascination was with his big wheel. Since he was young, Rich cared a lot about pushing himself. He discovered this most in biking, competing from the young age of 11 throughout high school. Son to an entrepreneur, Rich watched his dad run his own business and thus saw the world from a very specific lens. As he grew older and traveled more for competitions, Rich took after his dad and started a side hustle of his own. First, it was a zine, Slam Zine, followed by a shirt brand called Slam Designs. These side hustles helped pay for travel expenses for him and his friends.

As Rich grew older he felt the need to pursue something more “realistic” now that he was becoming an adult. For a few years he was a pretty successful in the car business, making a substantial amount of money. After a close friend passed, Rich realized that life was short, too short to be working somewhere he had no passion for. From there he switched gears, learning the audio/visual business before eventually launching his own business. After learning from a few failed attempts, Rich went back to his roots, volunteering at a skatepark ran by a church. After that program closed, Rich and his long time friend turned business partner, Dan, opened up the Fort Wayne Indoor Skatepark in 2014. They are nonprofit focused on providing a safe and clean environment for people to grow their BMX and skating skills.

Join us as we talk to Rich about how he harnessed the power of passion. We’ll hear about his pursuit of finding meaning in what he does as well as how BMX helped him build tenacity as it relates to business.

As always, there will be a cash bar and free food provided by Caliente!