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"Present Tense, Future Calm" Garden Exhibit


Present Tense, Future Calm
June 14-November 15

This summer and fall, the Conservatory invites you to escape the turbulence of daily life when embarking on a journey and exploring a garden state of mind. All are welcome to step into our Showcase Garden, designed to help you pause. Relax. Reflect. Winding pathways from garden room to water feature to hidden spaces and quiet alcoves allow your simple curiosity to be piqued by what lies before you. Become immersed in this transformative landscape, as you engage your senses, linger in the shade of the willow trees and tune in to the various sounds around you. May you embrace the present moment and find your “future calm” just by being in the garden. Sponsored by PBS39 and Majic 95.1 WAJI.