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Natural Appeal: Differing Approaches to the Landscape


The beauty, majesty, and emotional power of the landscape has captured the attention of artists for generations. From the early Romantics of the 18th century to contemporary abstract painters, landscape art is as diverse as the landscape itself. From these different approaches, we not only glean how artistic styles have changed over time, but also how artists can relay different feelings and statements about the natural world to their audience. In this exhibition, we present an assortment of landscapes from our permanent collection, spanning over 200 years and 15 different mediums. While grouped in the art historical categories of Realism, Romanticism, Impressionism, Abstraction, and Surrealism, these identifications serve as aesthetic guides rather than periodic markers. Through these distinctions, we encourage viewers to think about the landscape, and the art that springs forth, in a fresh and appealing way.

This exhibition is supported by the Edward D. and Ione Auer Foundation.

 FWMoA is closed Mondays.



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