Flagstar Bank Lighting of the Christmas Tree

  • Intersection of Wayne St and Calhoun St, IN 46802
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  • Presented By: Flagstar Bank
  • Dates: November 27, 2019
  • Location: I & M Power Center Plaza
  • Time: 7:00 PM


Flagstar Bank is excited to present the new Christmas tree display above the crosswalk over Calhoun Street and above the Rotunda at the front of our building, bringing back a tradition that was very much a part of Fort Wayne history.

The Christmas tree made its debut at this intersection around 1960, joining other cherished displays that were already part of the downtown holiday celebration. At that time, the Wolf and Dessauer department store featured Santa and His Reindeer, along with the Merry Christmas wreath in glowing lights on the exterior of the building. The store windows were filled with mechanical toys and whimsical characters. Children came for their annual visit with Santa and his elf, Wee Willie Wand, in the Christmas fantasy world of WanDerland. Many of these same highlights are still part of our downtown holiday celebration today.

In fact, we’ve heard that Wee Willie Wand may be in the crowd this year, passing out tasty treats and waving his special wand to spread his Christmas magic. He might even be persuaded to join on stage to help with the countdown and lighting of the Christmas trees.

We hope the Flagstar Bank Christmas tree display brings back fond memories of a past we cherish so much