Defiance: Screening of the Movie, Starring Daniel Craig


In 1941 the SS is slaughtering thousands of Eastern European Jews. The Bielski brothers, Tuvia (Daniel Craig), Zus (Liev Schreiber), and Asael (Jamie Bell), manage to escape and take refuge in the forest where they played during childhood. The brothers turn their daily struggle for survival into a battle against the German forces that have occupied their country, with over a thousand others joining the fray. Journalist Assaela Weinstein, daughter of Asael Bielski, one of the Bielski partisans immortalized in Defiance, is the wife of Violins of Hope founder Amnon Weinstein. Please return tomorrow, Tuesday, November 19, for a panel discussion about the Bielski Partisans featuring noted experts, including Asael Bielski's grandson, Avshalom Weinstein.

This event is part of the Violins of Hope - Fort Wayne project. Find more information here.