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Contemporary Guitar Improvisation with Marc Silver


Learn five simple patterns and transform your improvisation technique forever.

For more than 40 years, author and instructor Marc Silver has been helping guitarists around the world to shatter the barriers holding back their improvisation skills. In this exciting two day class, Marc will work closely with a limited number of intermediate to advanced guitar players, teaching five simple patterns that incorporate the notes that add depth and complexity to every performance. Your fingers and ears will work together like never before!

-How to improvise across the entire fingerboard on a single chord
-How to break down playing patterns and overcome barriers so that you can move forward with your playing
-How to improvise in one position over multiple chord changes and keys
-Chords with fingerings and voicings that are easily understood and modified
-How to accurately and creatively interpret chord symbols
-How to substitute chords
-How to use pentatonic and blues scales over any type of chord
-How to apply the five patterns to sight-reading
-How to analyze songs so you can play the right patterns
-Chromatic connections

Meet Marc Silver
Marc Silver, author of the classic instruction book Contemporary Guitar Improvisation (Utilizing the Entire Fingerboard), has been teaching guitarists around the world how to improvise for over 40 years. He has performed with legendary jazz artists such as Ray Brown, Freddie Hubbard, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Woody Shaw, Shelly Manne, and many others, in addition to leading his own bands. This is a unique opportunity to study personally with this gifted teacher and player.


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